4 things to do during a seminar break

Have you ever wondered what to do during a seminar break? Do you quickly find yourself idle or bored during a seminar break? www.seminarspro.com, Nigeria’s #1 seminar site has come up with a list of important things you can do with your free time. Without boring you, here are 4(four) things to do during a seminar break;

  1. Review your note: a seminar break is a great time to review your note pad, go through your key points and seminar materials, this would help you to further understand what is has been discussed by the speaker(s). By reviewing your notes, you would have gained a lot by the time the break is over.
  2. Take a walk: talking a work during a seminar break is healthy for you and would also help you stretch your legs from sitting. Take a casual stroll around the seminar venue but be mindful of your personal belongings and avoid walking too far from your seminar venue, you can leave your belongings with security if you feel the need to.
  3. Use the bathroom: ensure you use the bathroom during a seminar break even if you do not feel the need to do so, this would prevent you from making any emergency trip to the bathroom once the seminar resumes and also save others whatever distraction your bathroom trips would cost.
  4. Share ideals: a seminar break is a great time to meet up with other participants to discuss and share ideals, you can also use the opportunity of the break to ask questions from the speakers or your fellow participants. Try to do this politely so you don’t end up being seen as intrusive.

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